Joel May

About Me

Developing innovative software is my passion.

I am a software engineer with a master's degree in computer engineering from Iowa State University. I am working at Cloudflare on the upcoming Remote Browser Isolation. I have skill with Java, C, C++, C#.NET, Go, and a bit of TypeScript and Python. IPv6 and low-level networking are some of my passions and specialties.

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Android "Tally Light" App

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I have published an app that acts as a camera tally light for live video production environments. This app uses the TSL UMD network protocol.

GitHub Projects

Joel0 on GitHub

I am an active user of GitHub for personal projects and contributions to open source projects.

Master's Degree Creative Component

Thesis of creative component

I made two improvements to ISEFlow, a software router. First, I offloaded ARP to the operating system, which resolves several problems that users have experienced under heavy utilization load. Second, I made ISEFlow able to route IPv6 packets and have IPv6 interfaces.

CCHE Book Sale Website and Check-out System

I developed a custom software solution for an annual used curriculum book sale. the system was created to meet the unique needs of the book sale.

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